Aug 06, 2022

5 planet-friendly values that can be inculcated from a young age

In the golden words of Albert Einstein, if a bee disappeared from this very earth, then it will take only four years for men to live. Because no more bees, no more pollination, no more animals, no more man.

Nature is beautiful and it needs to be preserved by all means. Nature, when taken care of, bestows us with everything we require but shows its rage when abused. 

And currently, the world is witnessing the wrath of mother nature- with forest fires, drought, excessive rainfall, and other problems like that. For all of these, people should learn about 'environment preservation' which also includes the children, the inheritors of this planet.

These children should be integrated with the positive thoughts for the environment right from the preschool. So, how should we do it? Here are 5 planet-friendly values that can be inculcated to create little environment warriors.

1. Teach them to ditch plastic

Children generally tend to copy adults and now it’s time to use it to your advantage. If you refuse to use plastics in your day-to-day life, the children would do the same. Say no to plastic, and teach them to do the same thing.

2. Use DIY as your rescuer

While your kid is learning to not contribute to the existing burden of waste through waste management, let them know the art of upcycling. The recycling process, where they can use discarded plastic bottles, spoons, thermocol plates, and cups to e-waste and convert them into something useful. Make these planet-friendly values worth their time!

3. Follow 3R

While you have set your mind to discard the use of plastic, you can opt for other hazardous items to reuse. Try upcycling the e-waste and recycling the grey water. This you can save the humongous amount of water from going all waste. Teach your children about the process. Because this planet-friendly value can change the entire world for your child.

4. Raise a baby tree

There are thousands of trees being cut for many reasons. So, now is the time when you need to teach your child about planting a tree and raising them for good! At a young age, it's possible they might not understand the importance the trees play in the ecosystem but still, they can be a part of this afforestation activity.

5. Clean earth is Green Earth

Waste management and segregation are the two most important lesson a person need to know. And a child is no exception. They should know the differentiation between wet and dry waste and the Segregation process. However, you can also take part in the clean-up drives with them, and don't forget to use a storytelling format to explain all of it. Because who doesn't love a good story with moral lessons?

These are some of the environment-friendly actions that you and your kiddo can take a part of. But always keep in mind it’s not about teaching your children to be greener; it’s about making them better and smarter. Teach them to respect mother nature and take good care of her, because this is our only hope to make better earth for their future! 

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