Careers At J&C

Why Work With Us

We at Jibble & Cuzzi, work towards building a world where sustainability is not just a choice, but a lifestyle. Here, different generations come together to make conscious decisions while learning from one another, and enabling children to take their future into their own hands. We work to set an example to do good today, so the next generation can learn to do better tomorrow.

Open Positions

Benefits of working with j&C

Be Your Creative Best

At J&C, we have a highly creative office environment, where ideas are exchanged freely and brainstorming is a fun-part of each day. Constant innovation is what makes us unique and working with J&C will help you be at your creative best.

Strike A Work Life Balance

Work during work time, and have your me-time once you are done. We strongly believe in work-life balance and encourage all team members to follow the same.

Carve Your Path

You do you. With J&C, we understand your unique capabilities, your USPs and let you run with it. You can have a decade of experience under your belt, or you could be a fresher, if you are good at your work, you have the opportunity to carve your own path.

Work Sustainably

We are working towards offering a range of unique, interactive, and sustainable products to today's parents. As part of the J&C team, you will be contributing towards making our planet a better place.

Stay Ahead In The Game

Be it innovative workshops, interesting exhibitions, upcoming social platforms, or trendiest technology, and best of global brands; at J&C you will have access to all this and more to stay ahead in the game!