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We are making a difference with the cry foundation

We help ensure every child’s right to a happy childhood with CRY, India’s most trusted foundation. We’re doing what we can but we can’t do it alone.

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Do you remember the time you spent setting up and playing with your toys after school? Can you spot your favourite here?

Retro Games

Call it classic, call it retro, call it vintage - these games are as thrilling today as it was the first time you played them!


Oh so many varieties to choose from, and the sugar rush that followed made bingeing on candy a wonderful childhood memory.

Ice creams

I screamed, you screamed, we all screamed for the one and only dessert that we would never get tired of scooping!


Find your core memories as we bring you memories from your favourite festive occasions


Pen, pencils, and a swanky new stationery kit for Back to School season! This was enough reason to be excited to begin next term.

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Jibble & Cuzzi brings you refreshing and responsible take on building a happy future with ideas that are bold and fun.

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Why Childhood Memories?

Childhood is when we are full of hopes and dreams. We leap, fly, and soar. Braced with the wings of imagination, we are reaching out to the stars, chatting with the moon, and gliding on the rainbows. This bright outlook.

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Behind the scenes

Each NFT that we make to contribute to the future of these children are hand-drawn by our in house designer / illustrator.


Roshni Shenoy


  • Our Mission

    Every childhood should be happy. You are lucky if you had grew up in a happy household. Ma ny children do not get that opportunity and our mission is to change that. With our NF Ts we help you reminisce your sweet childhood memories, and when you buy these, we don ate a share of the sale to the CRY Foundation. This helps bring a smile to the face of child ren in need, all over India.

  • What do you contribute as a collector?

    With every one-of-a-kind NFT you buy from Jibble Land, you help contribute towards helping children in need, J&C don ates x% of the proceeds from each NET sale to the CRY foundation

  • Where would these NFTs be accessible?

    You can find the Jibble Land NFTs on Open Sea. Access them here add open sea link

  • What would you benefit as a consumer?

    As a customer of our Jeble Land NFT. you own a one-of-a-kind hand drawn crazy-fun illustration, and you contribute towards transforming a child's t uture. If that was not enough, you also get a certificate of app reciation from J&C and CRY!

  • Why 111 NFTS?

    111 is the symbol of new beginnings, abundan ce, self-love, and enlightenment We chose 111 NFTS to attract prosperity, and achieve the mission to bring happiness to the underpr wileged child ren in India!

  • What is CRY foundation?

    Working tirelessly for the past four decades. Chad Rights And You was started by Rippan Kapur and six of his friends with the dream to make sure children acusa India have happier childhood && has transformed the lives of over 3 milion children with the help of 102 NGO spanning over 19 Indian states. And this is just the beginning
    Read more here: https://www.cry.org/about-cry

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