Sep 23, 2022

Choosing The Best Swimming Caps – Thoughts To Pool In!

The first thing that one does while choosing swimming as a sport is to look for the best swimming cap, which will not only keep your hair dry, but also be comfortable as well as stylish. But choosing the best swimming caps can be tricky. While some don’t fit well, the others don’t suit the personality!

At Jibble and Cuzzi, we believe we can help you to choose a swim cap that is not only functional and practical, but also catches the eyes of our young swimming champs!

First of all, let’s first understand why it is necessary to wear swim caps. 

  • It increases your efficiency - Swimming for pleasure is one thing, but swimming as a competitive sport is an altogether different business! You need to maintain speed, and lose distractions to the eyes – this is where the functionality of a swim cap comes in.
  • It keeps the pool hygienic - Imagine other people’s hair floating in the pool, getting into your mouth or just clogging the drains – how gross does that sound! A comfortable swim cap that fits well will help hair stay in place, helping you avoid discomforts for you as well as for other swimmers.
  • It protects your hair – Most of the swimming pools are cleaned using Chlorine, which may damage your hair on prolonged exposure. The answer to the question “will a swim cap keep hair dry” may not be a complete yes, but wearing a good swim cap will definitely help with the damage control. 


How to choose a swim cap for my kid?

As a parent, your biggest worry would be, “what is the best swim cap for my kid?” J & C brings to you the ultimate guide to choosing a swim cap for your kid. Following are the things that you need to consider- 

  • Safety First - For any sport, the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind is the safety of your child. In the case of swimming, the injury to the head – due to diving, the force of water or simply pulling of hair – is the most common worry. These things may lead to a head injury, and protecting the head with a well-cushioned and sturdy swim cap can be of great help. 


  • Sturdiness - Low quality swim caps tend to tear easily, mainly due to the ridge running down the centre of the cap. That’s the reason why you should choose good swim caps made with a single solid piece of sturdy material. Such caps are not only sturdy but also super comfortable. 
  • Comfort - Comfortable swim caps are those that fit your head properly. Swimming caps must be bought based on the size of your child’s head, and the material should be smooth and comfortable, such as silicon, latex or a mix of both. Choosing between latex vs silicone swim cap is a never-ending discussion! Also, you will have to keep in mind the temperature of the pool water. If the water is too cold, it might be very uncomfortable. Hence you should also keep in mind the insulation so that your kid doesn’t fall sick. 


There are several other things also that need to be kept in mind while choosing good swim caps for your child. Let’s now see what are the best swim caps, based on what kind of swimming activity is being done – 

  • The Material – With kids, comfort is the ultimate thing, besides safety. They don’t like their hair getting pulled out while removing the cap, and they don’t want something that doesn’t agree with their soft skin. Usually, Lycra and silicone are considered best for the kids. Lycra is more “user friendly”, but not waterproof. At Jibble and Cuzzi, you will get a wide range of unique swim caps for your little ones, with wonderful designs and patterns too. Whether your kid is a shy mermaid, or a naughty little monster, there is something exciting for all!


  • A Professional Sport? Or just for Leisure?  When a child does swimming as a professional sport, he or she has to swim head-down, with the face dug in water. But when it is just as a leisure activity or therapy, the requirement of the cap is limited to keeping their hair from falling on the face. While in professional swimming, the requirement is way beyond that. Rather than searching for the best swimming cap to keep hair dry, look for those that would fulfil the other requirements such as safety, comfort and sturdiness. 


  • The Hair Matters – Surprisingly, the quantity of hair on your kid’s head is also a deciding factor when you shop for swim caps. Best swimming caps for long hair would be those made of silicon, as they offer a nice comfy fit. Those with medium to long hair can also go for a silicone cap. Latex can also be chosen, but silicon is softer and gentler on the hair. For kids with little or no hair, latex is the best option. Since the latex caps tend to stretch easily, they can fit on to any head! It is necessary to wear a watertight swim cap, but not too tight as it might lead to rashes and marks. 


At J & C, you can pick what you like!

All technicalities aside, it’s ultimately yours and your child’s comfort that matters the most. So yes, no strict rules! There are so many varied options on offer at J&C, that you can pick a cap that would meet your requirements, whether it comes down to comfort, protection, or just the design. You can shop for the best swimming caps here, without a single doubt in your mind.

At J&C the fun never ends!

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