Jan 20, 2023

Lead that easy-breezy beach bum life with these ideas!

The warmth of the sun in the sky

The sand shifting between our toes

The fresh breeze swaying the tall palm trees

The little crabs scuttling around

Isn’t all this what you think of, when you think of the beach!

The one thing that a beach bum can never get enough of, is beaches, and why not!

Beaches can help us relax in so many ways – from the sound of the crashing waves to the sight of the sun shining, everything about a beach is so soothing and calming. When you can be somewhere near the beach, wouldn’t it be easy enough to just forget the tiredness and monotony of the mundane world!

Being at the beach can helps us connect with the elements – water, earth and wind - which might be all that we need to feel more at peace inside and out.

Relaxing and recharge and rejuvenate – that’s what you do at a beach!

Kids in particular love to be at beaches, even though they might not the relaxation or stress busting that we might – their priority is to have fun! To make their beach stay more fun and enjoyable, Jibble & Cuzzi has everything they need!

What is the beach bum life

What is beach bum’s meaning, you ask?

A beach bum is the term used for a person who loves to spend a substantial duration of time at the beach, and prefers to lead a hassle-free, happy-go-lucky lifestyle. They like spending their time at the beach, surfing, sun-bathing, or just sprawling on the sand.

The prime priority of a beach bum is their relaxation and pleasure; they also prefer to live near a beach, or at least visit the beach very frequently. For them, the beach is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and re-bound.

Doesn’t it all sound supremely fun and while it might not be possible for all of us to become beach bums, you can always steal a few days from your busy routines to live that life, especially with your little ones!

Tips to lead a beach bum life

Leading a beach bum life is an art! And here are a few things to do it right:

  1. Although you may want to explore many beaches to satisfy your thirst for the perfect one, it will be better that you find a beach you love and make it your regular spot. A quiet, private beach or a busy hot-spot –the choice is entirely yours. So, shortlist the top five places for a beach bum life which are accessible to you, and finalize from those.
  2. Don’t forget to pack all the essentials with you – mats, lotions, beach wear hats, towels, beach chairs, umbrellas and a lot of beach toys for kids!
  3. Make the stay at the beach more fruitful by engaging in some kind of activity. If you are a calm one, go for yoga, meditation and the likes. Although you might be able to do walking, jogging, beach-zumba and the likes, a beach bum might not be interested in getting too active!
  4. Don't shy away from trying new things at the beach - surfing, snorkeling, or diving – the options are plenty.
  5. When you are at the beach, BE THERE! Enjoy the simplest pleasures and the smallest things there – the sound of the waves, the smell of the water and the warmth of the sun!

Things you need to lead a beach bum life -

Being a beach bum, you will definitely wish to make the most of your time at the beach, but with little ones around, it may not always be possible to have your “me-time”. At Jibble & Cuzzi, we have everything that your little ones can ever think of, to make their beach visit a fun-filled and fruitful one. You should consider picking these things, so that while you are enjoying your beach bum life, your little ones are also having a time of their life!

  1. First and foremost, you must have a love for the beach coupled with a yearning to spend as much time there as possible. This will drive you to effusively embrace the beach bum lifestyle and relish every bit of the beach.
  2. Secondly, you need to have a beach that is easily accessible, while being, clean, safe, and well-maintained. Especially when you have kids accompanying you, it is better to be prepared. Remember to pack a beach umbrella for kids and some fine quality beach mats and rugs at J&C – after all, it’s all about getting comfy there! You can also explore the range of beach wear accessories such as beach hats and goggles for your kids to protect them from the sun's rays.
  3. Thirdly, you must have the necessary gear and things to make your time, as well as that of your kids, at the beach comfortable and fun. Consider things like surf boards, inflatable tubs, towels, beach chairs and umbrellas, and of course, plenty of beach toys sets for kids. And the one place where you can find all these things with just a click of a button is Jibble & Cuzzi!
  4. What is the use of being a beach bum, if you and your little ones do not take a dip in the ocean! But before you do that, don’t forget to pick your beach wear dresses, goggles, and of course the towels to dry yourselves after the fun. And you will also require a big, canvas bag to keep all your belongings!
  5. Next most important thing would be some yummy munchies – especially when you have your kids around! Consider buying some healthy snacks and hydrating drinks that will keep you full as well as energized throughout the day. If you are a “spirited traveller”, do invest on our mock-tail kit too!
Being a beach bum is all about fun at the beach – so is Jibble & Cuzzi. While you enjoy your beach bum life at the beach, why should your kids be left out! At J&C, we have everything that you might ever imagine taking to a beach with you, and also make your kids time really enjoyable yet safe.

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