Who says sustainability can't be fun!

What we do is not just joyously fun, but also incredibly thoughtful.

Turning sustainability words into sustainability action

Jibble & Cuzzi caters to the needs of the new millennial parent and their young change-makers of tomorrow, while empowering a change towards something better. The change from old to new, dull to bold and from traditional to the new age. A change from polluted oceans to clean ones. From worrying about climate change to solving it.


We love Circles!

Good for Society

We encourage local businesses that align with our values, and offer them a platform for their products. Because we believe that big changes often start at home.

Good for Humanity

We collaborate with sustainable global brands, to make more eco-conscious choices available in India for the parents who encourage their kids to take the world into their hands.

Good for Planet

We are exploring the use of sustainable materials like Carvico Vita, Repreve, eco-friendly wood, wool, cotton, vegan leather, ceramic and many more. We are trying to minimise the use of plastic through the entire process, from production to packaging.

Purpose to action

Climate Action

We love a circular system that encourages people to share, lease, reuse, repair, refurbish, and recycle existing materials and products for as long as feasible. The product's life cycle can be extended in this way. In reality, this means eliminating waste to the absolute minimum.

Nature knows the best!

The environment is the “third teacher” supporting a child's learning. We use natural materials like wood,cotton,wool, jute and many more. Children are more likely to care and respect for their surroundings while interacting with the natural materials.

Our impact around the world